Everything You Should Know About Diamond Grinding Concrete 

diamond grinding concrete

Diamond grinding is to remove any irregularities in the concrete or surface that you’re grinding. Some irregularities consist of warping, curling, roughness, and faulting. Diamond grinding concrete is important because it helps create traction on the concrete surface during hazardous weather conditions. It helps rehabilitate the infrastructure, and it also helps things stay smooth and quiet while you’re driving on the road.

Why Diamonds?

Diamonds are the strongest and hardest material that we have currently discovered. Having a grinder, blade, or saw with diamond infused with it will ensure that the object being cut or sanded down will cut and sand down. Something infused with diamonds can cut concrete, stone, bricks, glass, asphalt, and more. Different industries use diamond-infused machines to ensure they get a precise cut. The gem industry uses diamonds to cut diamonds, considering the only thing that can damage a diamond is itself. And then, of course, the construction industry uses diamond saws, blades, and grinders to start and complete projects.

How Long Does Diamond Grind Concrete Take?

The time it takes for diamond grinding concrete weighs heavily on the size that it is being grinded and how out of shape the concrete is. It also weighs on if any repairs have to be made before the grinding begins, such as filling in a pothole to then grind down so it’s even with the remaining road around it. It’s hard to give a definitive answer due to these factors. If you have a concrete grinding project and would like to learn more about the timeframe, be sure to talk with one of our consultants, and we can give you an estimate.

Is It Better to Grind Concrete Wet or Dry?

Before we get into wet or dry, we’ll talk about why wet grinding would even be considered. Wet diamond grinding concrete allows the diamond to cool while you’re using the machinery. The water helps reduce friction and keeps the machine from overheating, thus, lengthening the life of your grinder. Also, using water, it reduces the amount of dust that enters the air and also your lungs. The dust can be quite toxic if you’re not wearing the right protective equipment. With these positives in mind, let’s talk about the negatives.

The obvious would be that it uses a lot of water, and in areas that suffer from water shortages or droughts, this may be a determining factor in deciding on wet or dry grinding. Because the water keeps dust out of the air, it creates almost a kind of slushy that is difficult to quickly and safely clean up and dispose of. Also, and weirdly enough, when it comes to wet grinding, if shine is something you’re looking for, you may want to opt for dry grinding because it comes out cleaner and more smooth.

How to Choose the Right Company for Diamond Grinding Concrete

Hiring the right company to perform diamond grinding concrete is essential for getting your project finished on time and in an efficient manner. We’ll go over some of the things to consider before you hire a contractor.


One of the most important things to consider when hiring a contractor for diamond grinding concrete is how much experience the company has. You don’t want a company that is brand new to the industry to handle equipment that ensures safety on the road. By checking in with how much experience they have, you can reassure you as to what and who they are as a company.

At JP Hogan, we have over 100 years of combined experience. And we have over 40 professional consultants ready to help you with anything you may need. We also have over 200 pieces of equipment that can be used, from small hand-held drills to hydraulic crawlers.


While someone who has a lot of experience is good, you also want to make sure that they have a good track record with past employers. Make sure to view their reviews on Google, Yelp, and maybe even on their website if they have a testimonial section. If possible, you may even be able to contact prior companies and see how well they did with their project. It’s always good to vet a company before you give them your business.


Before hiring anyone or even looking into contracting companies, make sure you know what your budget is. Once you figure out your budget, make sure the companies you get estimates from have no hidden costs. Review and read everything before you sign a contract.

Previous Projects

It’s good to look at the company’s previous projects to see if they’ve done anything similar to what you plan on doing. You want a company with plenty of experience, but if they don’t have experience in diamond grinding concrete, then they might not be the best company for you.


And finally, when working with a company for diamond grinding concrete, you want to also make sure that they’re practicing the correct safety procedures. Safety is the most important part of hiring a contractor. Ensure that the company you hire practices OSHA guidelines and is licensed and insured.

Before choosing a company, make sure you do all the proper research into the company. Make sure they can meet your budget, have the proper safety procedures, have great reviews, have plenty of experience, and can start and finish the project you need to be completed.

Diamond Grinding Concrete at JP Hogan

At JP Hogan, we can do diamond grinding concrete for highways, bridge roadways, tunnel roadways, and airport runways. Using a diamond grinder for airport runways ensures that planes will have better handling while they’re on the ground. It will also help keep landing controlled and safe during bad weather conditions. If the concrete is wet, it will provide better traction, similar to how diamond grinding concrete will help drivers on a wet road too. Make sure to contact us at JP Hogan if you have any questions or need an estimate.

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