Concrete Grinding/Grooving

Concrete Grinding/Grooving or Diamond Grinding/ Grooving is completed by our highly skilled professionals at J.P. Hogan Coring & Sawing Corp. Our Tier 4 grooving & grinding machine will deliver results on bridge decks, parking decks, airport runways and other slab applications. Grooving a pavement’s surface is a very effective method to increase traction so vehicles can maintain control while driving in wet, dangerous conditions.

Surface-grooved bridge decks are a win-win situation for the owner, contractor and motorist. The grooving technique is a low cost investment, easy to implement and provides safer driving conditions in inclement weather. Safety grooving is THE preferred surface treatment for today’s bridge deck surfaces.

Airport benefits include:

  • MINIMIZED SKIDS: Overall good ground handling is sustained.
  • MINIMIZED HYDROPLANING: Positive nose-wheel steering is maintained during landing roll-out
  • MINIMIZED DRIFT: Provides high cornering forces
  • IMPRESSIVE BRAKING: Reduced stopping distances
  • SAFER LANDING: Pilots can maintain control in bad weather landings.
  • CONTINUED LANDINGS IN WET WEATHER: Pilots can safely land on wet, flooded runways, allowing the air carriers, airport owners and pilots to stick to their schedule during inclement weather.

Other Services Include:


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