Does your work produce breathable silica dust?
We use water cooled diamond blades and bits that produce a wet slurry not breathable dust.

What are the electrical power requirements for your equipment?
Our electric power requirements vary for each application. A general requirement for most of our equipment is as follows. 110 Volt 30 Amp, 220 Volt three phase 60 Amp and 440 Volt three phase 40 Amp.

Can you keep concrete cores from falling after drilling?
We have specialized equipment and techniques for catching or preventing cores from falling through floor openings.

Are you able to drill or saw cut upside down or inverted?
Yes we have equipment which enables us to drill and saw cut upside down.

Do you have EPA approved emissions on your diesel equipment?
JPH uses all the latest and most environmentally approved diesel equipment.

Are you able to cut steel imbedded in concrete?
As long as the steel/metal is fully imbedded in the concrete it can be cut. Some partially exposed steel or steel encased concrete may also be able to be cut and must be evaluated.

J.P. Hogan Coring & Sawing, a premier concrete coring and sawing company servicing New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and Maryland for over twenty-five years.

JPH offers the dependability and expertise to get the job done. We have the financial resources to fund large projects and keep our equipment completely state of art. Our diesel-powered equipment is Tier 3 or 4 EPA approved.


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