Concrete Slab Sawing & Road Sawing Services in New York

JPH has the expertise and equipment to saw cut any asphaltic, concrete or natural stone paving material. Our fleet of saws include soft cut concrete joint cutting saws as well as the most powerful deep cutting “high rise” diesel powered units on the market. These saws are also powered by motors that meet every need for cutting in a myriad of environments.

Applications include:

  • Expansion & control joints
  • Controlled demolition
  • reinforce concrete
  • Single and double blade trenching

We have retained our prominence in the industry, become recognized as a DBE by the Florida Department of Transportation as well as he Georgia Department of Transportation. J.P. Hogan continues to develop and maintain our long-standing relationships with some of the largest Construction Management Firms and General Contractors in the business, allowing us to showcase our talents in all the projects we complete.

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