When you hire the team at J.P. Hogan Coring & Sawing Corp. you will get more than 40 professional consultants including construction managers, estimators, schedulers, superintendents, crew members, and office support staff.

We provide complete start to finish services making the entire process transparent and efficient. Nobody does it better than that.


With over 100 years combined experience, we have developed ways to gain better production that ultimately brings the project more economic efficiency and introduces innovation to complicated jobs.

The JPH fleet includes more than 200 pieces of specialty construction equipment, including dozens of categories, from small hand held core drills to diesel hydraulic crawler wire saws. When you need a lot of production on a fast-schedule job site, you can count on JPH to deliver the optimum number of machines, with a skilled operator in every seat.

JPH’s equipment is serviced and repaired in the company’s dual bay shop in Staten Island. This location also serves as our staging area for long-haul mobilization. Often, a complement of machines can be delivered to your job site days or even weeks ahead of the company’s competitors. To further minimize downtime, a set of maintenance trucks provides rapid service on the job site.


Bernadette Hogan

John P. Hogan
Director of Sales

Jack Hogan Jr.
Chief Officer of Operations

Kathleen Makowski
VP for Administration & Finance

Tom McMenaman
Chief Estimator

Safety Manager

Compliance Department

Anthony Mazza
Operations Manager

Vanessa Geiss
Business Development Manager

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