Angle Sawing

Angle Sawing

Angle Sawing creates asphalt trench openings on city streets and highways which are required when working with certain major league utilities. JPHogan Sawing & Coring accomplishes this goal with our walk behind and ride on Angle Sawing Equipment which allow blades to be angled up to 25 degrees from vertical. This type of cut backs on asphalt streets ensure that streets are better sealed when  they are repaved. Thus Angle Sawing plays an important role for these types of projects.

Angle Sawing Applications include:

  • Cutting reinforced concrete floors
  • Cutting expansion joints
  • Cutting sidewalks
  • Cutting plumbing
  • Cutting electrical trenches

In addition to our Angle Sawing services JPHogan provides additional Concrete Cutting assistance throughout the country.
You can count on us for the following:

Barrier Cutting, Core Drilling, Curb Sawing, Grinding Grooving,  Hand and Chain Sawing,

We have retained our prominence in the industry, become recognized as a DBE by the Florida Department of Transportation and are certified by the Georgia Department of Transportation. J.P. Hogan continues to develop and maintain our long-standing relationships with some of the largest Construction Management Firms and General Contractors in the business, allowing us to showcase our talents in all the projects we complete.

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