Premier Connecticut Concrete Contractors

J.P. Hogan Coring and Sawing Corporation stands out as a premier provider among Connecticut concrete contractors. We are fully approved and certified by the Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT), ensuring that all our services meet the state’s rigorous standards for quality and safety.

Dedicated Concrete Services in Connecticut

Our team offers a comprehensive range of concrete services tailored to the needs of Connecticut’s diverse construction projects:

Angle Sawing

Our angle sawing delivers precise cuts essential for diverse architectural and construction projects, enhancing versatility and accuracy.

Barrier Cutting

Our expertise in barrier cutting enhances safety on bustling highways and critical construction sites, specializing in precise cuts that manage traffic flow and protect the public.

Core Drilling

Perfect for precise penetrations, our core drilling services are crucial for installations requiring exceptional precision for electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems.

Curb Sawing

Designed to support urban development and road renovations, our curb sawing facilitates smooth modifications and installations.

Grinding & Grooving

Our grinding and grooving improve pavement performance, increasing safety and extending road surface lifespan with precise texturing.

Hand and Chain Sawing

Ideal for intricate and detailed cutting in confined spaces, providing the necessary flexibility and precision.

Road Sawing/Slab Sawing

Essential for infrastructure development, our services efficiently create uniform, flat surfaces, crucial for construction and maintenance.


Advanced scanning technology locates hidden obstacles within concrete before cutting begins, enhancing safety and project efficiency.

Wire Sawing

Suitable for cutting through large and reinforced concrete structures, perfect for complex demolition projects.

Wall Sawing

Provides exact cuts for creating openings in concrete walls for doors and windows, key in renovation and construction projects.

Why Choose J.P. Hogan as Your Connecticut
Concrete Contractors

Choosing J.P. Hogan means opting for a trusted partner who brings:

  • CT DOT Certifications: Our certification assures that we adhere to the highest standards, ensuring safety and quality in every project.
  • Advanced Technology: We utilize the latest technology in concrete cutting and coring to deliver precise and efficient results.
  • Experienced Professionals: Our team comprises skilled experts who understand the nuances of complex construction requirements.
  • Commitment to Safety: We prioritize the safety of our operations, adhering to stringent protocols to protect our team and the project site.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We tailor our services to meet the specific challenges of each project, ensuring that all client expectations are exceeded.

Get in Touch for Concrete Services in Connecticut

If you need reliable and certified concrete contractors in Connecticut, look no further than J.P. Hogan. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist with your specific project needs or to learn more about our services.

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