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Diamond Grinding & Grooving Concrete Services in New York

Grinding and Grooving or Diamond Grinding and Grooving is completed by our highly skilled professionals at J.P. Hogan Coring & Sawing Corp. Our Tier 4 grooving & grinding machine will deliver results on bridge decks, parking decks, airport runways and other slab applications. Grooving a pavement’s surface is a very effective method to increase traction so vehicles can maintain control while driving in wet, dangerous conditions.

Surface-grooved bridge decks are a win-win situation for the owner, contractor and motorist. The grooving technique is a low cost investment, easy to implement and provides safer driving conditions in inclement weather. Safety grooving is THE preferred surface treatment for today’s bridge deck surfaces. These services make us one of the premier Grinding and Grooving Companies NY

Pavement Grinding and Grooving  for Airports:

  • MINIMIZED SKIDS: Overall good ground handling is sustained.
  • MINIMIZED HYDROPLANING: Positive nose-wheel steering is maintained during landing roll-out
  • MINIMIZED DRIFT: Provides high cornering forces
  • IMPRESSIVE BRAKING: Reduced stopping distances
  • SAFER LANDING: Pilots can maintain control in bad weather landings.
  • CONTINUED LANDINGS IN WET WEATHER: Pilots can safely land on wet, flooded runways, allowing the air carriers, airport owners and pilots to stick to their schedule during inclement weather.

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