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J.P. Hogan Concrete Coring Sawing is one of the leading Grinding and Grooving Companies NY located in New York City and providing concrete services all over the continental United States. Our fleet includes more than 200 pieces of specialty construction equipment, in dozens of categories, from small hand-held core drills, diesel-hydraulic crawler wire saws, to a Tier 4 Diamond Grinder and Groover for all your specialty grinding grooving jobs. When you need a lot of production on a fast-schedule job site, you can count on JPH to deliver the optimum number of machines, with a skilled operator in every seat.



JPHogan has the equipment to perform core drilling underwater, vertical, horizontal, angled, compound angle and even upside down. The drilling equipment we utilize can be powered by electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and high cycle motors. We have the capacity to drill holes ranging in diameter from fractions of an inch up to 80” inches in diameter. And due to the development of continuous tubing core bits holes can be drilled up to depths of 60’ feet or longer.



Wire sawing with diamond impregnated segments was developed in the mining industry to allow cutting of large surface areas of stone. Over the last 25 years, it has become the go-to choice when segmenting large pieces of reinforced concrete structures. We have high cycle electric saws, hydraulic saws and several diesel powered hydraulic, self-contained track driven saws. These saw cuts can be completed underwater on any shaped concrete or steel structure.



Cutting openings in concrete and masonry walls used to be a real challenge. With the advent of today’s modern wall saws and the specialty saws including, chain and ring saws, perfect penetrations with no over cutting can be obtained. Wall sawing can be performed up to 30” in thickness at various angles. These saws also are powered by hydraulic, electric and pneumatic motors.



Our highly skilled professionals and Tier 4 Grinding and Grooving machine will deliver results on bridge decks, parking decks, airport runways and other slab applications. Pavement Grinding Grooving surfaces is a very effective method to increase traction so vehicles can maintain control while driving in wet, dangerous conditions. J.P. Hogan is the  largest Grinding and Grooving Companies NY

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Recent Projects

Our reputation for delivering precision cutting, coring and sawing work on time and within budget has allowed the company to successfully bid for notable projects including the World Trade Center, the Kemsco Rehabilitation Project, the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, Holland Tunnel and a plethora of other government funded projects. Effective completion of these assignments has allowed the company to develop a strong client base of general contractors, which has resulted in a solid and reliable book of business able to provide J.P Hogan with a steady inflow of projects to showcase our talents.