Kosciuszko Bridge

Concrete Grooving is the process of creating patterned grooves along concrete surfaces. Grooving is usually performed on bridge decks, airport runways, parking desks, and other paved surfaces in order to accommodate high-speed traffic.

Grooving concrete grooving drastically improves skid resistance, contributing to the overall safety of both roads and runways. In inclement weather, the grooving allows for the displacement of water between the concrete surface and the vehicles’ tire tread. This improves water drainage, reduces the risk of hydroplaning, and increases vehicle control under adverse weather conditions. #jphogancoringandsawing #grindingandgrooving

We have retained our prominence in the industry, become recognized as a DBE by the Florida Department of Transportation as well as the Georgia Department of Transportation. In addition we are certified in the following areas: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Maryland (MBE and DBE) and West Virginia.

J.P. Hogan continues to develop and maintain our long-standing relationships with some of the largest Construction Management Firms and General Contractors in the business, allowing us to showcase our talents in all the projects we complete.

JPH is a Certified DBE and WB