Common Applications of the Wire Saw in Commercial Construction

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When it comes to removing large sections of reinforced concrete, steel, or stone, wire sawing is the best solution. For decades, wire sawing has been an effective method of separating materials. Wire sawing has come a long way, as its original application was in the natural stone sector. Modern technology has increased this tool’s capabilities, so it can now be used on concrete, steel, and other materials. 

How Is a Wire Saw Used?

Wire saws are used for various things across many industries. Here are a few ways that the wire saw is used to make even the largest projects simpler. 

Wire Saws Are Used to Reinforce Concrete

One of the many abilities of wire saws includes removing large sections of reinforced concrete. Concrete is a massive and sturdy material. It takes an immense amount of effort to penetrate it. However, wire sawing makes it look easy. 

Not only does the wire saw make concrete work look easy, but it also produces well-defined and precise work. 

Wire Saws Are Used on Steel

Another resilient material that stands no chance against wire saws is steel. Steel is a material that is known for its ability to withstand pressure and last for long periods of time. Wire saws are often used to cut through heavy rebar and embedded steel. Although steel is not the most difficult metal to cut through, it does require the correct tools and equipment, depending on the specific grade. 

Wire Saws Are Used to Cut Bricks

Have you ever wondered how brick stones are always uniform? That is because wire saws are used to issue a precise finish every time. In this application, wire saws can show off their ability to deliver perfect results every time. Additionally, when using a diamond wire saw, like the ones used at JP Hogan, accuracy is displayed in its ability to cut special shapes. Some common uses of the wire saw on brick include:

  • Angular cuts on vertical and horizontal structures
  • Creating circular openings
  • Contour cutting of brick walls

Wire Saws Are Used to Cut Natural Stone

The first application of the wire saw was to cut natural stone. In ancient times, stone blocks were separated using ropes and abrasive powders. This time-consuming task was eliminated with the introduction of wire saws. 

In mining and quarrying, hard stones are cut into large blocks by a wire saw. They are then shipped to other plants for further processing and refining. Wire saws allow workers in these industries to cut stones effortlessly, so there is no disruption in the production line. 

What Industries Benefit Most From the Wire Saw?


Whether in a home or business, wire sawing can be used to restore elements of any building. Wire sawing has become more popularly used to cut out paintings or mosaics from back walls. Wire saws are also a valuable asset for more delicate matters like restoration. 

Commercial Construction 

Thanks to the flexibility of the wire saw, it can be used across the board in various construction projects. A wire saw can cut through nearly any material. Wire saws are the first choice when searching for a way to reach tight spaces or cut material underwater. 

In the construction industry, wire sawing is used in the following applications:

  • Demolition 
  • Cutting reinforced concrete structures such as bridge sections, dams, piers, and towers
  • Precision cutting in confined spaces

From this list of potential uses, it is obvious that there are no depths or heights that are too much for a wire saw to handle. 

The Benefits of Wire Sawing 

Wire saws have proven to have numerous contributions and applications across many industries. Some benefits of the wire saw include the following.

Speed and Efficiency

Wire saws can cut through materials faster and more efficiently than other traditional saws. They produce clean cuts with little mess that reduces clean-up time and time spent fixing mistakes. For this reason, many industries lean toward wire sawing for their project needs.


It is hard to believe that something so powerful can be considered safe. To be honest, it seems too good to be true. However, wire sawing is less dangerous than other forms of material cutting solutions. It leaves behind less dust and debris, which can be hazardous to the air quality and the environment. 

There is also a reduced risk of equipment failure, which promotes safety on job sites. Every company wants to protect their employees. Therefore, wire sawing is an attractive option in these cases. 


No one likes to make mistakes. Unfortunately, it still happens. Wire sawing has proven to have excellent accuracy, which brings forth even more benefits. Increased accuracy from wire sawing makes it easier to get the job done. Additionally, it decreases the risk of expensive mistakes. 

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